What to wear for your boudoir session…

Many ladies are hesitant to schedule a boudoir session, and there can be many reasons as to why.  Today’s topic addresses the issue that they “have nothing to wear”(how many husbands have heard that one before, lol).  Or more specifically – they don’t know what to wear.  More topics are covered in our Boudoir-specific website https://everlastingimagesboudoir.com

Boudoir is not just about lingerie, although it does play a large part.  If you don’t have any nice lingerie pieces in your wardrobe, an upcoming boudoir session is a great excuse to go shopping!  If that is not an option for you, I’ll give you some ideas of what can be found in your closet that might inspire you.

This is what I recommend for my clients to bring to their sessions:   Boudoir does NOT always mean LINGERIE – so if you do not have any lingerie pieces, do not fret!  There are sooo many other options in your own closet that would work beautifully, and I do also have some outfits available in our client closet that you have access to at your session.  You are welcome to bring a whole suitcase full of clothes to your shoot and we can pick and choose at our session.  We average 5 outfits per session.  We will work within your comfort level (you can be as tame or risqué as you like).  Bring at least one bra/panty set and any of the following: sexy lingerie, robe, corset, garter and stockings, high heels, tank top, boots, denim jacket or vest, body suit, button up shirt borrowed from your man, sports jersey and tall athletic socks, oversized sweater, hat, accessories, any other fun props (ie. fireman gear, baseball bat, soccer ball) you might want to bring).

-stilettos photograph well, chunky heels not so much

-do you have a great pair of jeans that makes your butt look awesome? Definitely bring them!

-body suits are great at helping to smooth your midsection, as are high waisted / vintage-style panties

We can also use sheets and various materials for implied topless/implied nude.

Here are a few examples…

I sure hope that helps a little bit!  I would love to see you in front of my camera for your session!
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